Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) Hosts a Chinese Language Study Tour to Boost Cross-country Friendship between Taiwan and Japan in Spring 2024!


Chang Jung Christian University's Chinese Language Center hosted a spring study tour from March 4 to March 23. The program brought together university students from all over Japan and CJCU students to learn Chinese and experience Taiwanese culture.

During the program, students actively participated in Chinese language courses that focused on daily life language and Taiwanese cultural characteristics. They also experienced Taiwan's unique culture through a variety of lively and interesting activities such as calligraphy and painting, martial arts performances, and Taiwan snack tastings. Additionally, the students explored the cities of Kaohsiung and Tainan, which further enriched their cultural experience.

The program also had a final presentation to demonstrate what the students have learned. The Japanese students introduced themselves in Chinese and shared their experiences and thoughts on their Chinese learning process through group presentations. Our Taiwanese students also shared their learning experiences and expressed their blessings to the Japanese students. This presentation has become a testimony to the deep friendship between Taiwanese and Japanese students.

Another highlight of the event was that the students not only studied Chinese but also communicated with each other through English. In this way, they were able to experience the charm of a multilingual environment while learning Chinese, expanding their horizons, and enhancing their cross-cultural communication skills.

The CJCU Chinese Spring Study Tour not only provides students with a unique learning opportunity but also builds a solid bridge of friendship and cultural exchange between students from Taiwan and Japan. We look forward to more students coming to CJCU for a Chinese study tour in the future.







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