Campus tour


Administration Building
Administration Building 行政大樓
  • International Conference Hall
    The International Conference Hall is equipped with advanced facilities, including Simultaneous Interpreting Booths. Many international conferences are held there.
David Landsborough Memorial Library
David Landsborough Memorial Library 蘭大衛紀念圖書館
  • Library
    The library is a 6-story eco-friendly building with a basement. Many windows were installed in order to allow natural lights to come through. Trees and bushes are also planted around the library. It accommodates about half a million books and reference materials. The students’ favorite location is the multi-media center located on the fifth floor.
  • Student Self-Learning Center
    The Student Self-Learning Center is a place where students can visit and utilize the computers and other facilities. The working hour is 9:00-19:00, Monday through Friday.
Computer and Network Center
Computer and Network Center 計算機與網路中心

The Computer and Network Center provides high-speed internet access. Students can use the facility freely.
First Academic Building
First Academic Building 第一教學大樓

The First Academic building is the oldest building at CJCU. Currently home to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
Second Academic Building
Second Academic Building 第二教學大樓

It’s a Cambridge-style architectural building with a courtyard in the center. As one of CJCU’s artistic show-pieces, The Shepherd Sculpture located at the entrance of this building bestows comfort and consolation.
Third Academic Building
Third Academic Building 第三教學大樓

As the newest study hall, The Third Academic Building is home to the College of Management with the largest numbers of students.


Student Dormitory

There are four in total 4 buildings of dormitories at CJCU campus. We provide accommodation for more than 3,000 students while there are also housings outside the campus.

  • Innovation & Incubation Center
    Located in the first Student Dormitory, this center is a place for students to make their dreams come true.
  • 7-11 and FamrilyMart
    These convenience stores are a characteristic feature of Taiwanese lifestyle. You can see one at every corner of the street as it provides all kinds of daily needs and services. clothes, to accommodation, transportation, education, and recreation.
  • International students housing

Other Buildings and photos

Multi-purpose Gymnasium
Multi-purpose gymnasium 綜合體育館
Student Activity Center
Student Activity Center 學生活動中心


CJCU Station
CJCU Station 長榮大學站