SKGSH Winning in the 2014 CJCU Classics Reading Competition


Jointly organized by the Admission Services Office and the Department of Applied Philosophy at Chang Jung Christian University(CJCU), the “2024 Southern Taiwan Humanities Classics Reading Competition” entered its seventh year on March 2, 2024 with the participation of 12 teams from seven high schools. After two rounds of competition, Sheng Kung Girls’ High School (SKGSH) won first place.

Chair Hung Ching-li of the Department of Applied Philosophy emphasized that 'reading' is the foundation for cultivating literacies and sustainably encouraging for self-improvement. Additionally, 'competition' fosters teamwork and critical thinking skills.Understanding what a text says and how to present one's understanding of its content are fundamental in training listening and expression abilities.

By Fabio Chan
長榮大學主辦2024高中人文經典閱讀競賽 聖功女中勇奪冠軍道明中學「必勝客」隊發表《百年孤寂》一書北門高中「Discovery」隊發表動物農莊2024高中人文經典競賽大合照

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