CJCU team wins the Quantitative Analysis Application Award in Coding 101 University Programming Competition


In order to popularize programming education, the Ministry of Education has been organizing the "Coding 101 University Programming  Competition" for many years in the hope of enhancing students' abilities in computational thinking, quantitative analysis, software creation and integration, and computational expression and comprehension. Students not in the field of information technology are also encouraged to take advantage of the competition to stimulate their creativity and apply programming in their professional fields and to observe and learn from each other.

In addition to the Silver Award won last year, two CJCU teams won the Quantitative Analysis Application Award, the Popularity Award and the Best Work Award this year demonstrating the great achievements of our school in promoting program design.

By David Hil Howe Wen
長榮大學推動程式設計成果豐碩! 師生團隊獲「Coding 101大學程式設計競賽」量化分析應用獎





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